Limited Edition Prints

Material > Papier

  • F. Wrenk (1766) After Bol (1616), Portrait Rembrandt Van Rijn, 1804, Mezzotint
  • E. Vico (1523-1567), Grotesque Wall Filling With Figures, At 1573, Kst
  • C. Hess (1755-1828), Portrait Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) To 1800, Wheel
  • C. Merian (1627-1686), Gieboldehausen And Gartow In Lower Saxony, 1654, Wheel
  • P. Loescher (19th Century), Carts At The Garden In Flat Landscape, Lith
  • Unknown (19th Century), 12 Pictures From The Life Of Bavarian Princes, Woodcut
  • L. Kilian (1579-1637), Portrait Of Patricians Anton Chr. Rehlinger, Cst
  • F. Bartolozzi (1728) After Pellegrini (18th Century), Portrait Alvise Pisani, 1793, Kst
  • Giess (19th Century), Colourful Bouquet Of Flowers, Large Format, Lith
  • Poster Kunstdruck Metropolis Werner Graul Bild Filmplakat Film Fritz Lang 88x190