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1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed

1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed
1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed

1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed   1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed

Limited edition print by Sudanese - African American Artist. Mohammed Omar Khalil entitled Namibia 784 out of the edition of 1000. (27.94 cm x 21.59 cm). Mohammed Omar Khalil was born in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1936 and lives and works in New York City since 1967.

Khalil is one of the Arab world's most important contemporary painters, having influenced two generations of regional artists. His work, spanning over forty years, across painting and print-making, is in a privileged position between the canon of modern Arab art and the artist's ground-breaking practice, searching for a dialogue between dissimilar cultures.

Profoundly influenced by his travels throughout the Middle East - in particular Morocco and Sudan - and the art history of Europe that he became immersed in during his studies in Italy, Khalil has brought to life a pioneering form of art, in which elements and patterns from tradition merge with pop art and fine prints. Khalil's work illustrates with vividness the complex relationship between the symbolic forms of the East and the conceptual art born in Europe. His series "The Battle of San Romano" is a contemporary rendition of the history paintings by the 15th century Florentine artist credited with pioneering in visual perspective, and not unlike Khalil, someone who transitioned between the late Gothic and the Early Renaissance. Using the same dimensions as Ucello's grand-scale panels, the Sudanese artist's canvases reproduce the perspective depth in a collage technique deploying his multi-layered signature symbolic order, merging at once fresco and mosaic. The effect is heightened by the introduction of decorative elements from the Islamic world and a balanced aura of earth colors.

A master print-maker on his own right, Mohammed Omar Khalil has been also working on etching throughout his whole career, using an age-old technique of the European masters to illustrate the book of contemporary art, inspired by the tragic history of the 20th century, letting his imagination run free and yet, running counter to the saturation of color and brightness typical of the pop art age. He has developed a composite grammar of omnipresent blackness, retrieving a primal simplicity as the preferred site for his cosmopolitan observations and the stage of his many aesthetic interventions that sooner or later found their way into the more colorful canvases. At the climax of his creative forces, the artist's desire to inflect the consciousness of the era is made manifest in discreet impressions. Mohammed Omar Khalil studied at the School of Fine and Applied Art in Khartoum, Sudan and then pursued graduated studies in fresco painting and print-making in Florence. Since then, he has been living in the United States and until recently, taught at the Parsons School of Design in the New School.

His work has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The artist's work is found in different public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Grenoble Museum in France, the Jordanian National Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. A retrospective of his print-making work with an accompanying monograph will be showcased at Albareh in 2014. Born in Burri, Sudan, 1936. 1966 Diploma in Mosaics, Academy of Fine Arts, Ravenna. 1979 Galerie Basamat, Casablanca Galerie Structure B. Rabat Galerie Layla Farawi, Casablanca 1981 New School University, New York Cinque Gallery, New York. 1984 Limited Art Editions, New York. 1986 Alif Gallery, Washington, DC 1987 Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York Marlene Eleini Gallery, London. 1992 Alif Gallery, Washington, DC Galerie Teinturerie, Paris Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris Al-Wasiti Gallery, Amman.

1994 Mohammad Omar Khalil, Etchings; Amir I. Nour, Sculpture, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

2001 Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, New Jersey. 2002 Rochan Fine Arts, Jeddah Skoto Gallery, New York. 2004 Hassan II Centre for International Encounters, Asilah Galerie Hakim, Asilah.

2008 Recent Works, Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain Recent Works, Skoto Gallery, New York. 2010 Paulo Uccello, The Battle of San Romano, Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain. 2011 Art Sudan (with Ibrahim Salahi), Meem Gallery, Dubai. 1984 El Paso Museum of Art, Texas Tacoma Art Museum, Washington Seventh Norwegian Print Biennial, Fredrickstad African-American Museum of Life and Culture, Dallas, Texas.

1985 International Triennial of Original Graphic Prints, Grenchen Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina. 1986 Alif Gallery, Washington, DC Baghdad International Festival, Baghdad 1987 June Kelly Gallery, New York. 1988 Al-Wasiti Gallery, Amman Sudan Art Aid, Sudan Cultural Center, London. 1989 Barbican Centre, London Centre Cultural Ranco, Oslo.

1990 International Monetary Fund Centre, Washington, DC. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

2002 Perspective on Contemporary Arab Art: The Kinda Foundation Collection, Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris. 2003 Broken Letter: Contemporary Art from Arab Countries, Kunsthalle Darmstadt and Kinda Foundation, Darmstadt. 2006 Word into Art: Artists of the Modern Middle East, British Museum, London.

2007 Contemporary Print, Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain Art Inspired by Poetry, Darat Al Funun, Amman. 2008 Tawasel/Continuity: Contemporary Artists from Sudan, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQ), Doha Word into Art: Artists from the Modern Middle East, British Museum, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). 2009 Faces and Letters, VCUQ, Doha. 2010 Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha SELECTED AWARDS & GRANTS. 1978 Louise Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant, New York. 1980 Third World International Exhibition, London, Third Prize. 1987 Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York: Counsel of the Arts Grant. 1991 Osaka Triennial: Bronze Medal. 1993 International Biennial of Cairo: First Prize. 1997 New School University, New York: Teaching Excellence Award. 2001 National Academy of Design, New York: First Prize in Printmaking. 2003 National Academy of Design, New York: First Prize in Printmaking. Bibliotheque National de France, Paris. Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York. Brooklyn Museum, New York City of New York. Museum Musee de Grenoble, Grenoble Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris.

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman. Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad. Museum of Modern Art, Cairo. Museum of Modern Art, Osaka.

National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. American Express Financial Advisors, Inc. Illinois Skadden, Arps, Meagher and Flom, New York. 1967 Head of Painting, Khartoum Technical Institute. 1991 Substitute Teacher, Printmaking, New York University.

Khartoum, Sudan, 1936; active New York, NY, 2006. MOHAMMED OMER KHALIL: Recent Work.

BOB BLACKBURN and the Printmaking Workshop. In: Black American Literature Forum 20, No. 1/2 (Spring - Summer, 1986):81-95. Includes brief mention of Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Romare Bearden, Camille Billops, Vivian Browne, Eldzier Cortor, Melvin Edwards, Robin Holder (with photo), Mohammad O. Khalil, Norman Lewis, Otto Neals, Mavis Pusey, Vincent Smith and John Wilson. GENERAL BOOKS AND GROUP EXHIBITIONS. Hillwood Art Museum, Long Island University.

BOB BLACKBURN's Printmaking Workshop: Artists of Color. (8 color plates), biographies of over fifty artists. By Kay Walkingstick; text by Noah Jemisin. One of the early references to Blackburn's profound influence on the printmaking world, and still not focusing on his own prints.

A tribute to the Printmaking Workshop with illus. Of more than 70 artists who worked with Blackburn approximately two thirds of those included are Black artists.

Includes: Charles Alston, Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, William Artis, Ellsworth Ausby, Henry Bannarn, Romare Bearden, Hameed Benjamin, John Biggers, Camille Billops, Willie Birch, Betty Blayton, Marion Brown, Vivian Browne, Selma Burke, Nanette Carter, Elizabeth Catlett, Ed Clark, Adger Cowans, Ernest Crichlow, Nadine DeLawrence, Louis Delsarte, Aaron Douglas, Melvin Edwards, Herbert Gentry, (John) Solace Glenn, Michele Godwin, Rex Goreleigh, Manuel Hughes, Zell Ingram, Noah Jemison, Ronald Joseph, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Jacob Lawrence, Spencer Lawrence, Norman Lewis, Norma Morgan, Sara Murrell, Otto Neals, Nefertiti, Lee Pate, Faith Ringgold, Betye Saar, Augusta Savage, AJ Smith, Jr. Vincent Smith, Maxwell Taylor, Luther Vann, Charles White, Michael Kelly Williams, William T. One of the most widely circulated exhibitions of African American art. Traveled to: Bronx River Art Center and Gallery, Bronx, NY; Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, WI, October 3-November 21, 1993; ; Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL, July 10-August 28, 1994; Telfair Academy of Art and Sciences, Savannah, GA, December 12, 1994-January 30, 1995; Fisk University, Nashville, TN, September 18, 1994-January 15, 1995; Albany Institute of History & Art, Albany, NY, September 3-December 31, 1995; Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University; Wichita, KS, April 16-June 4, 1995; The Roger Guffey Gallery; Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO, February 5-March 26, 1995.

Africa's Contemporary Art and Artists. New York: Harmon Foundation, 1966. Entries on countries, brief biogs. A descriptive compilation of over 300 artists in sub-Saharan Africa working in painting, sculpture, ceramics and crafts. Includes (among others): Martin Abossolo, Jacob Afolabi, Justus D.

Akeredolu, Kofi Antubam, Jimo Bola Akolo, Yussif Mustafa Billal, Yemi Besiri, Edward Yaw Boakye, James Boateng, Skunder Boghossian, Rene Bokoko, D. Bomolo, Osei Bonsu, Arthur J. Bucknor, John Barbor Bulu, Mordecai O.

Buluma, Miranda Burney-Nicol, John Olusegun Byron, Vasco Domingos Campira, Lawrence Mawolo Cassell, Christopher Chabuka, R. Chigwanda, Zebedee Chikowore, Chepas Chimbetete, R. Chinouya, Hassan El Hadi, Ibrahim El Salahi, Chukwu Enwonwu, Stephen A. Erhabor, Jacob Estevao, Augustine Okpu Eze, Lamidi Olonade Fakeye, T. Adebanjo Fasuyi, Seth Galeva Hasif Ishaq George, Edouard J.

Gouveia, Naphtal Gumede, Pitias Gwinisa, Yusuf Grillo, Hassan El Hadi, Francis Halala, R. Hatugary, Phoebe Ageh Jones, Peterson Kareithi, Paul M. Karemo, Rosemary Karuga, Henry Charles Kazadi, Keita, Bouba Keita, Job Kekana, Mohammed Omer Khalil, Lazarus Khumalo, Kipindo, John Kisaka, Andrew Kiwanuka, Vincent Akwete Kofi, Tiamiyu Adebisi Kolawole, Amon Kotei, Henry Lumu, Valente Malangatana (as Malangatana Valente), Alphonse Moto, Pilipili Mulongoy, Sam Ntiro, Clara Ugbodaga Ngu, Esther Nhilziiyo, Aurelia Nibe, M.

Nigoba, Siddig Abdel Rahman El Nigoni, M. Okechukwu Odita, Rufus Ogundele, Simon Okeke, Bruce Onobrakpeya, Agboola Polarin, Gerard Sekoto, F. Sempangi, William Serumaga, Hussein Mahmoud Sharriffe, Abdeen A. El Shawafaa, Shafik Shawgi, El Omer Amin Shabir, Ahmed Mohammed Shibrain, D. Silugu, Panenga Simanga, Cornello Sinyoro, Ahamadu V. Sirleaf, Sam Songo, John Sowola, Ignatius Sserulyo, Sayed Suliman, Papa Ibra Tall, J. Vodzogbe, Solomon Irein Wangboje, Lucky Wadiri, Osman Abdullah Wagiall 4to 28 cm.

Exhibition of prints from Bob Blackburn's workshop, assembled by Richard Mayhew. Includes Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Camille Billops, Bob Blackburn, Betty Blayton, Vivian Browne, Ed Clark, Eldzier Cortor, Melvin Edwards, Richard Hunt, Mohammed Omer Khalil, Norman Lewis, Richard Mayhew, Stephanie Pogue, Mavis Pusey, Vincent D. Wigfall, John Wilson, Wendy Wilson.

Through A Master Printer: ROBERT BLACKBURN and the Printmaking Workshop. By as many artists, many African American. Included: Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Ellsworth Ausby, John T. Biggers, Camille Billops, Robert Blackburn, Vivian Browne, Carole Byard, Elizabeth Catlett, Nadine DeLawrence-Maine, Melvin Edwards, Robin Holder, Manuel Hughes, Mohammed Omer Khalil, Spencer Lawrence, Whitfield Lovell, Richard J. Powell, Mavis Pusey, Aj Smith, Mei-Tei-Sing Smith, Maxwell Taylor, Phyllis Thompson, Charles White, Michael Kelly Williams, Hale Woodruff, Richard Yarde. Traveled to: Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, August-October; Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS, January-March, 1986. Creative impulses/modern expressions: African art today. Ithaca: African Studies and Research Center, Institute for African Development, Cornell University, 1993. In:: Creative impulses/modern expressions: four African artists: Skunder Boghossian, Rashid Diab, Mohammed Omer Khalil, Amir Nour:1-14; notes, bibliog. New Currents, Ancient Rivers: Contemporary African Artists in a Generation of Change. 18 color plates, notes, extensive bibliog.

Important survey with new material. Includes nearly 150 artists of sub-Saharan Africa, primarily from Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Togo, and South Africa. Among those most active in the U. Kwabena Ampofo-Anti, Chike Aniakor, Skunder Boghossian, Acha Debela, Wosene Kosrof, Nii Ahene La Mettle-Nunoo, Bruce Onobrakpeya. Jean Kennedy's text on Oshogbo art mentions Jacob Afolabi, Rufus Ogundele, Adebisi Fabunmi, Muraina Oyelami, Jimoh Buraimoh, Twins Seven-Seven, Samuel Ojo, Ademola Onibonokuta, Tijani Mayakiri, Isaac Ojo Fajana, Yinka Adeyemi, Jinadu Oladepo, Gift Orakpo, and Middle Art.

Other artists include Nigerians: Sunday Jack Akpan, Ben Enwonwu, Erhabor Ogieva Emokpae, Lamidi Fakeye, Agbo Folarin, Yusuf Grillo, Ovia Idah, Festus Idehen, Simon Okeke, Uche Okeke, Obiora Udechukwu, Musa Yola, Akan Edet Anamukot, Yemi Bisiri, Buraimoh Gbadamosi, Saka, Sangodare Gbadegesin, Asiru Olatunde, El Loko of Togo, Oku Ampofo, Vincent Akwete Kofi and Christian Lattier (Côte d'Ivoire); Omar Al Shabu (Liberia); and Momodou Ceesay (Gambia); artists of Senegal: filmaker Ousmane Sembene, Mbor Faye, Alpha W. Diallo, Mafaly Sene, lba Ndaiye, Papa lbra Tall, Souleye Keita, Bacary Dieme, Ansoumana Diedhiou, Boubacar Coulibaly, Abdoulaye Ndaiye, lbou Diouf, Amadou Dede Ly, Cherif Thiam, Modou Niang, Amadou Seck, Badara Camara, Samba Balde, Daouda Diouck, Ousmane Faye, Mohamadou Mbaye, Amadou Ba, Boubacar Goudiaby, Bocar Diong, Diatta Seck, Amadou Wade Sarr, Mamadou Gaye. Artists of Ethiopia: Filmmaker Haile Gerima, Gebre Kristos Desta, Skunder Boghossian, Abdel-Rahmam M. Sheriff, Tewodros Tsige Markos, Zerihun Yetmgeta, Andela Haile Selassie, Acha Debela, Tesfaye Tessema, Wosene Kosrof, Falaka Armide, Seleshi Feseha, Alemayehou Gabremedhin, Elisabeth Atnafu. Artists of South Africa: Sidney Kurnalo, Louis Maqhubela, Julian Motau, Mslaba Dumile Geelboi Mgxaji Feni, Eric Mbatha, John Muafangejo, Winston Saoli, Cyprian Shilakoe, Lucas Sithole, Vumikosi Zulu, Tito Zungu.

Artists of Sudan: Ahmed Shibrain, Amir Nour, Mohammad Khalil, Ibrahim El Salahi, Musa Khalifa, Mohamed Omer Bushara, Salih Abdou Mashamoun, and Mohammed Abdulla. African American Works on Paper from the Cochran Collection. Of 64 artists in this substantial collection. By Richard Long; texts by Judith Wilson, Camille Billops, Robert Blackburn.

Includes 66 major 20th-century artists (including 16 women artists and a few less well-known artists): Charles Alston, Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Trena Banks, Romare Bearden, John Biggers, Camille Billops, Betty Blayton, Moe Brooker, Vivian Browne, Beverly Buchanan, Selma Burke, Nanette Carter, Elizabeth Catlett, Ed Clark, Eldzier Cortor, Ernest Crichlow, Allan Rohan Crite, John Dowell, Allan Edmunds, Melvin Edwards, Elton Fax, Herbert Gentry, Sam Gilliam, Maren Hassinger, Manuel Hughes, Richard Hunt, Wilmer Jennings, Lois Mailou Jones, Mohammad Khalil, Ronald Joseph, Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis, James Little, Whitfield Lovell, Al Loving, Richard Mayhew, Norma Morgan, Frank Neal, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Joe Overstreet, Howardena Pindell, Stephanie Pogue, Richard Powell, Mavis Pusey, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Robinson, Betye Saar, Al Smith, Walter Agustus Simon, Morgan Smith, Marvin Smith, Vincent Smith, Luther Stovall, Alma Thomas, Mildred Thompson, James Lesesne Wells, Charles White, Jack Whitten, Walter Williams, William T. Williams, John Wilson, Hale Woodruff, Hartwell Yeargans. 16+ venue touring exhibition beginning at: Lamar Dodd Art Center, LaGrange College, La Grange, GA, March 3-31, 1991; Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC; Lauren Rogers Museum, Laurel, MI; Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, NC; Museum of the South, Mobile, AL; Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA; Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, SC; Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, Danville, VA; Gadsden Museum of Art, Gadsden, AL; Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, FL; Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC; Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH; York County Museum of Art, Rock Hill, SC; Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, FL; Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, GA; Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN; Miami Univeristy Museum of Art, Oxford, OH; Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA; Jacksonville Museum of Art, Jacksonville, FL; William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA; Northwest Visual Arts Center, Panama City, FL; Gertrude Herbert Institute, Augusta, GA; Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO; Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, KS; Montgomery Museum of Art, Montgomery, AL; New Visions Gallery, Atlanta, GA. 4to 28 x 22 cm. African Artists In America: an exhibition of work by 20 African artists living in America.

September 20, 1977-January 14, 1978. And photos of artists, cover plate, biogs.

Curated by Jane Wilder Jacqz. Group exhibition of 20 artists from eight African countries.

Artists included: Selena Akua Ahoklui, Kwabena Ampofo-Anti, Chike Aniakor, Skunder Boghossian, Alouine Cissoko, Acha Debela, Felix Eboigbe, Mohammad Omer Khalil, El Loko, Nii Ahene'La Mettle-Nunoo, Kiure Francis Msangi, Louis Mwaniki, Amir Nour, E. Okechukwu Odita, Kwaku Ofori-Ansah, Chief Oloruntoba, Gabriel Sunday Tenabe, Tesfaye Tessema. Traveled to National Center of Afro-American Art, Boston, MA; Lauren Rogers Library & Museum of Art, Laurel, MS; Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI; Milkin University, Decatur, IL; Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.

4to 11 x 8.5 in. Alternative Center for International Arts.

Africa: Emergent Artists, Tribal Roots and Influences. Curated by Geno Rodriguez, with notes and an introduction by Robert H. Artists include: Arthur Carraway, Chief Z. Oloruntoba, Skunder Boghossian, Melvin Edwards, Amir I. Nour, Muhammad Omer Khalil, El Loko, Faith Ringgold, Paul Waters, et al.

8vo 8.5 x 6.9 in. Creative Space: Fifty Years of Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop. November 27, 2002-January 29, 2003. Programme and checklist, color illus. A Library of Congress exhibition realized in collaboration with International Print Center New York and the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

Prints drawn from the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Archives and Collection, now on deposit at The Library of Congress. African American artists included: Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Diogenes Ballester, Romare Bearden, John Biggers, Camille Billops, Willie Birch, Bob Blackburn, Roy DeCarava, Elizabeth Catlett, Ernest Crichlow, Eldzier Cortor, Melvin Edwards, Robin Holder, Margo Humphrey, Ronald Joseph, Mohammed Khalil, Jacob Lawrence, Rudzani Nemasetoni, Faith Ringgold, Juan Sanchez, Vincent Smith, Charles White, Michael Kelly Williams, William T. Williams, John Wilson, Hale Woodruff. Mohammad Omer Khalil and Pierre Chanloup. Two-person exhibition of etchings by Khalil and photographs by Chanloup. December 5, 2003-January 25, 2004. Included: Richard Hunt, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Khalid Kodi, Bryan McFarlane, Pefura, Eddy Steinhauer. Included: El Anatsui, Yohannes Gedamu, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Odili Donald Odita, Arthur Simms. Included: Olu Amoda, Osi Audu, Diako, Ibrahim El Salahi, Romain Ganer. Fathi Hassan, Souleymane Keita, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Khalid Kodi, Wosene Worke Kosrof, Donald Locke, Aimé Mpane, Afi Nayo, Uche Okeke, Bruce Onobrakpeya, Mohamed-Saeed Omer, Pefura. Conceptual Confluence: Iconic Contexts of Culture and Gender.

Group exhibition in honor of Black History Month. Curated by Nette Forné Thomas. Included: Eleta Caldwell, Evelyn Graves, Mohammad Khalil, Nette Forné Thomas, Florence Wint. Skunder Boghossian and Mohammed Omer Khalil at the Contemporary African Art Gallery - New York.

In: Art in America (March 1994). Detailed discussion of two African-born artists working in the U. Ethiopian artist Boghossian who left Ethiopia in 1955 to study in Europe, taught in France, Ethiopia, and at Howard University, from 1974 on. Sudanese printmaker Mohammed Omer Khalil left his native Khartoum in 1959, studied in Italy and has lived and worked in New York since 1967.

James Guide to Black Artists. A highly selective reference work listing only approximately 400 artists of African descent worldwide including around 300 African American artists, approximately 20% women artists. Of work or photos of many artists, brief descriptive texts by well-known scholars, with selected list of exhibitions for each, plus many artists' statements. A noticeable absence of many artists under 45, most photographers, and many women artists.

Far fewer artists listed here than in Igoe, Cederholm, or other sources. Museum of Art, Savannah College of Art & Design [SCAD]. You Can't Desert the Muse: Focus on Recent Print Acquisitions. Group exhibition of 20 prints, most of which are by printmakers associated with Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop, NY.

Included: Sam Gilliam, Richard Hunt. Sudanese Perspectives: A Selection of Contemporary Art. Included: include Ibrahim El Salahi, Ahmed M. Shibrain, Taj Ahmed, Hassan El Hadi, Mohammed Omer Khalil, Salah El Zaki.

National Museum of African Art. August 9, 2010-April 24, 2011.

Included: Theo Eshetu, Mohammed Kacimi, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Aida Muluneh, Rudzani Nemasetoni. Mohammad Omer Khalil, etchings, Amir I. November 16, 1994-February 26, 1995. Two eminent Sudanese artists, both active in the U.

Rockland Center for the Arts. African-American Printmaking, 1838 to the Present. Of each artist, full exhib.

Co-curated by Cynthia Hawkins and Lena Hyun. Included 74 works by 46 artists: Benny Andrews, Romare Bearden, John T. Biggers, Camille Billops, Bob Blackburn, Marvin Brown, Vivian E. Browne, Selma Burke, Margaret Burroughs, Nanette Carter, Elizabeth Catlett, Eldzier Cortor, Ernest Crichlow, Allan Rohan Crite, Melvin Edwards, Elton Fax, Allan R. Freelon, Robin Holder, Margo Humphrey, Wilmer Jennings, Sargent Johnson, William H.

Johnson, Ronald Joseph, Mohammad Omer Khalil, Jacob Lawrence, Hughie Lee-Smith, Norman Lewis, Alvin D. Loving, William Majors, Richard Mayhew, Stephanie Pogue, Patrick Reason, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Brenda L. Smith, Raymond Steth, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Mildred Thompson, Dox Thrash, James Lesesne Wells, Charles White, Michael Kelly Williams, William T. Williams, John Wilson, and Hale Woodruff. Oblong 8vo, stapled pictorial wraps.

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  1. Artist: Mohammed Khalil
  2. Style: Americana
  3. Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
  4. Date of Creation: 1978
  5. Features: Signed
  6. Original/Licensed Reprint: Limited Edition Print
  7. Type: Print

1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed   1978 Mohammed Khalil African American Artist'Namibia' Art Print 784/1000 signed