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Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave

Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave
Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave
Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave
Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave

Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave    Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave

Happens 6 times a year with dates and pieces picked at random. Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave.

Medium: Original Oil Painting on Screen print Canvas. Size: 28 1/2" X 31 1/2". Size Framed: 23 1/8" X 26 3/8". Edition size: Limited edition 28/50 PP.

This piece is simply amazing with a rich tobacco colored frame to go with it. The piece is a limited edition Steve Kaufman original hand painted screen print. The cigar collection is some of the most demanded and collected works by Kaufman. The condition of the piece is mint. We used to mount these on stretcher bars and frame. Recently we have come up with a much better option that will never show the unsightly signs of sag in a screen print over time. The piece was vacuumed pressed onto a mounting board using reversible glue.

The pieces come out looking absolutely stunning! Oil on board always demands the highest price and this gives you the oil on board look.

The feedback in this mounting process has been unbelievable. Steve Kaufman is one of the most influential pop artists in U. His work appreciated for both its technical merit and its historical importance in pushing the pop art movement forward.

Steve Kaufman single handedly transformed pop art from a discipline focused on ordinary object to art with social relevance. Even by artist standards, Steve Kaufman was an extremely precocious child. He held his first art show at his synagogue when he was only 8 years old, and works from that show are now hanging in the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Brooklyn, New York. At age 12, Kaufman achieved his first commercial success when he was commissioned to paint custom pet rocks for the New York City Macys department store.

Steve Kaufman met the American pop art pioneer Andy Warhol at Studio 54 in New York City. The two soon developed a friendship and working relationship where Kaufman served as Warhols assistant at his famous studio called The factory. Kaufman was heavily influenced by Warhols style.

He and Warhol used many of the same mediums including, sculpture, photography, stained glass, mixed media and filmmaking, but his paintings and prints are by far the most famous. He is also famous for painting unusual objects, including Mercedes Benz and a Formula One Race Car. He is famous for painting celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Muhammed Ali, Marilyn Monroe, and Jackie Kennedy. He also produced a very successful screen print series of Cohibacigars that remain some of Kaufmans bestselling work today. Early American pop art focused on making ordinary objects and images into works of art.

Critics of pop art have criticized the school of art for being cold and lacking human emotion. While pop art was often injected with a sense of humor and an invitation for the audience to reflect on their value set, there was not much inherent personality in the paintings. Steve Kaufmans art was a pioneer in changing the face or pop art to a more human one with added social relevance. Kaufman was a major advocate for AIDs awareness and one of the recognizable pieces of Kaufman art is his 5 foot by 5 foot canvas of Trojan condoms.

He also used his art to promote racial equality and advocate for an end to homelessness. While Kaufman pushed the pop art discipline forward in regards to subject matter, he also pushed the discipline forward in regard to technique. Pop artist has always favored screen printing as a medium, but instead of producing multiple identical prints Kaufman would make each one unique. He would paint something different on each print in a series, making each one identifiably unique.

This not only created more value for each print in a series, but it also elevated the print making process to incorporate elements of mixed media. His new techniques couple with his social awareness set Steve Kaufman apart from other contemporary pop artists. At only 49 years old, Steve Kaufman passed away in 2010. Although his art career was short lived, he produced more successful art during his short career than most artists due in lifetimes that are twice as long.

Kaufman art continues to be extremely popular. His original paintings and prints can be found in museums and private collections around the world. Would you like to see what this piece looks like in your home? Simply send us a photo of the area you are looking to fill. We will take the photo and have our piece placed in the space to help you in your decision making. All items are guaranteed 100% authentic. All items are listed with the utmost accuracy. No photos are altered and all photography of our items is produced by the managing director of the Minneapolis Photo Center. Created for the discerning art collector, Modern Artifact buys and sells some of the worlds most collected and demanded fine art, antiques and memorabilia.

Modern Artifacts is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and has clients all over the world. We establish relationships with many art dealers, collectors and the artists themselves, to ensure our clients are offered an extensive collection to choose from. With many fine works of art by top names such as Robert Wyland, Steve Kaufman and Bert Stern, you are sure to find a piece that catches your eye and inspires your imagination.

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We understand the needs of our clients and seek out the pieces they want to add to their collection. Whether you are new to art collecting and are just building your collection, or if you have been collecting fine art and antique for years, Modern Artifact has you covered. All of our art is photoed by a professional photographer and not enhanced using photoshop. Some instances we will photoshop a piece into a home scene, however while doing that photoshop is not used to brighten or alter the individual piece. All photos are taken in natural light.

If you would like to see a piece upload into an area of your home please send us a photo and we will gladly do that free of charge. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

We have in house professional packaging for your valuables to ensure that they show up in tact and ready to enjoy. Every piece of ours is guaranteed authentic and comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity along with all original paperwork. Our experts have authenticated tens of thousands of pieces so rest assured you are getting authentic art.

All pieces go through rigorous background checks and testing to ensure their authenticity. Would you like us to frame any of our art to match your current framing or home? We have our own in house framing.

We can show you examples and even photoshop the frame onto the piece to give you an idea of what it will look like. Feel free to message us on any framing ideas. The item "Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave" is in sale since Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

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Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave    Steve Kaufman Cohiba Cigar Original Oil Painting Screen Print Man Cave